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Whats The Difference Between Standard Technique & Russian Lip Volumiser Technique?

Everything You Need to Know About Russian Lip Volumiser Technique

Pucker up baby! A new lip volumiser technique has gone global and is now serving as the go-to style for a plumper pout. Originating from Russia this technique has traveled all the way to West Hollywood and Los Angeles and beyond. This specialty technique is a must for anyone who’s looking to achieve a perfectly crafted baby-doll look. Keep scrolling to get the full rundown on Russian lip volumisers and the spotlight difference between a Russian and standard lip volumiser technique!

What Is the Russian Lip Volumiser Technique?

Russian lip volumisers are modeled after Russian nesting dolls and their uniquely coiffed lips that are painted to perfection. The Russian technique accentuates the cupid’s bow to resemble a heart-shape by injecting additional volume and lift into the center of the lips, while the sides still remain relatively in line with the face. The result is doll-like while still appearing naturally full and plump. This look enhances the center of the lips, instead of a widespread volume, thus giving you that desired baby-doll look.

Furthermore, if you are interested in trying out a pair of Russian lips, it is important to note that it’s preferred to have a fresh canvas to work with; meaning your previous lip volumisers, if had, will need to be dissolved first, roughly two weeks in advance. This ensures that the injected volume will be solely based in the center of the lips. (Note: dissolving doesn’t apply if you already have Russian lip volumisers, and are touching up and/or adding to them).

What’s The Difference Between Standard Technique & Russian Lip Volumiser Technique?

So what is the big difference between standard lip volumiser techniques and Russian lip volumiser techniques? Typically, standard lip volumisers are injected horizontally into the lip, resulting in an evenly spread volume and fullness effect. However, in order to execute the Russian volumiser technique, your provider will opt for a smaller syringe and inject small amounts of volumiser vertically, focusing in on the center of the lips. Another key difference is that the Russian lip volumiser technique aims to heighten the lip, focused in on the center, rather than to add overall plumpness throughout the lips, thus providing that heart-shaped look.

Additionally, your Russian treatment may take longer than a standard lip volumiser appointment due to the necessary precision required to fill only a specific region of the lips. The procedure may last approximately between thirty minutes to an hour, and may result in additional bruising and swelling, which is completely normal and temporary. Your provider will also be able to relay an accurate timeline for the lifespan of your Russian lips, but generally, your Russian lip volumisers will last as long as standard lip volumisers do, being anywhere from six to twelve months.

Where Can I Get Russian Lip Volumisers?

Russian lip volumisers can usually be done at the same medispa or cosmetic clinic where you would get normally get volumisers done. However, many places don’t offer them, even in Los Angeles. Hamilton Skin Clinic is one of the only places to offer the Russian lip volumiser technique in the Brisbane area.  See our service menu for a full list of lip volumiser treatments, or book a consultation.