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Neck & Décolletage Rejuvenation

Hamilton Skin Clinic Treatment stats

Treatment Time

Sessions typically last 30-60 minutes, tailored to individual needs and specific procedures.

Recovery Time

Minimal downtime; resume normal activities immediately with mild redness or swelling subsiding within a day.


Usually 2-3 sessions spaced weeks apart for best results, with possible maintenance treatments based on individual response.


Immediate noticeable improvements, with further enhancement over weeks as collagen production increases and skin integrates the treatment.


Highly effective in reducing neck lines and improving skin texture and elasticity, often combining fillers with other treatments.

Neck and Décolletage Rejuvenation Treatment

The rejuvenation of the neck and the décolletage is a treatment that combines the different techniques destined for recovering the tenderness, vitality and natural colour of the skin in this area of the body.

The search for a youthful appearance has gone beyond just the face and now includes the neck area, which is often neglected in regular at-home skincare. Volumisers for neck lines has become a common option for people who want to minimize the signs of aging in the neck region.

Through the knowledge of the appropriate application methods and the specifics of the different filler types, medical professionals can achieve safe and long-lasting results.

This guide is intended to give you a thorough understanding of how fillers can be applied to the neck in a strategic manner for smoothness and rejuvenation in the neck area.

Key Takeaways

Increased Awareness

Recognising the importance of treating the neck area, not just the face, for a youthful appearance.

Volumiser Effectiveness

Injectable fillers are highly recommended for minimising signs of aging in the neck, offering a versatile solution for different types of neck lines.

Suitable Options

Various types of fillers, like hyaluronic acid, biostimulators and bioremodellers to cater to different needs and provide tailored benefits for neck rejuvenation.

Strategic Injection Points

Accurate injection techniques and choosing the right points are crucial for achieving the best cosmetic outcomes and long-lasting results.

Combining Treatments

Often, a combination of fillers with other treatments like wrinkle relaxers, laser therapy, or microneedling provides optimal results, enhancing both texture and elasticity of the skin.

Nina L
Nina L
8 October 2023
I had my first ever cosmetic appointment with Nurse Jo 29/09 and I am so happy with the service. My results are still settling but I could see the difference within a week (really happy). I was really nervous but Nurse Jo provided so much information and options, I felt like I was being listened to. Thank you so much Nurse Jo!! Really appreciated the experience & support.
Libby Allen
Libby Allen
19 September 2023
I went to Jo feeling nervous and uncertain of what I wanted after being sent away by another clinic who had no idea! She immediately knew what to do to transform me. No messing around, careful, honest and kind. I’ve woken up a new woman so grateful to have been led by a lady with experience and skill.
Drew Miller
Drew Miller
30 June 2023
Jo is a superhero!! she done my lip filler 1ml and i feel like a changed woman - she listened to my needs and wants. she is so careful, compassionate and gentle. i also got a hydrodermabrasion and chemical peel - i walked out feeling brand spanking new. 10/10 recommend. thank you so much Jo.
Kirsten Burger
Kirsten Burger
7 March 2023
I booked an appointment for lip fillers and masseter Botox. My lips were severely asymmetrical so I went to Nurse Jo to have them corrected and could not be happier with the results. I would highly recommend Hamilton Skin Clinic and without a doubt attest to Nurse Jo being the top cosmetic injector in Brisbane. Could not be more grateful!
Mia Wilson
Mia Wilson
8 February 2023
Couldn’t recommend more! Jo is an exceptional Nurse. She has such an in depth knowledge of what she does and as someone who is new to cosmetic treatments, has always made me feel comfortable and empowered me to make informed decisions by taking the time to explain how everything works. Jo tailors what she does to suit my face and offers alternative approaches to achieving the outcome that I’m wanting. I’ve never felt pressured by her to adjust or get a treatment I wasn’t comfortable with and the results that she creates always exceed my expectations. If you’re looking somewhere to get your next cosmetic treatment that offers friendly and approachable customer service, expertise and will yield amazing results, then look no further than Hamilton Skin Clinic.
12 December 2022
Jo was absolutely amazing and professional. My experience was beyond what I imagined - you are in safe and expert hands with her!
Oriel Ganter
Oriel Ganter
16 November 2022
OMG I loved this experience so much I wanted to marry Jo…. from the moment I met Jo she was very friendly professional and caring. I’m 77 years old never had any treatments like this and what a difference when I looked in the mirror I loved the softness of my skin and the very slight lift Jo has achieved. Highly recommend Harbour medispa…..
Rhiannon Franzke
Rhiannon Franzke
11 August 2022
Jo is seriously unbelievable!! She is a miracle worker to say the least! She explains the products she is using any questions she answers with confidence because this beautiful lady knows what’s she’s doing!! She makes you feel so welcome and her personality makes you want to stay there and get more! Full Warning people you won’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror once Jo is finished with you! I’m In love ❤️
Natalie S
Natalie S
22 July 2022
# 1 Miracle Worker for Cosmetic Treatments ! Jo is amazing - her work has been perfected over many years of experience and up to date training. I’m in my late 40s and without fail always come out of my treatment so happy with the natural youthful look Jo gives me. Honestly you will not be disappointed- highly recommended - Nat S
Laura Laa
Laura Laa
22 July 2022
As a total novice I was terrified of looking.obviously done up. I was convinced subtlety couldn't really be achieved. I was so nervous about the results of my lip filler looking obvious against my soft features, but Jo worked genuine wonders. The result was believable, soft and subtle, a far cry from the protruding, stretched out lips I was desperate to avoid. I didn't think filler would be for me so I am particularly surprised by how confident I now feel, totally unafraid to see the people I know and love. Thank you, Jo!

Neck Wrinkles Treatment:
Exploring All Possibilities

Whether neck volumisers or other treatments like wrinkle relaxers are chosen, it should be based on the type of neck lines patient has and the goals they want to achieve, along with professional advice.

Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle relaxers primarily address “tech neck” by relaxing neck muscles, thus reducing wrinkles caused by repetitive motion. However, this treatment is not effective for static wrinkles, which remain visible even when the muscles are not contracting. It is ideal for dynamic wrinkles resulting from constant muscle movement.

Facial Volumising Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers are highly effective for treating horizontal neck lines. A 2019 study by Taiwanese researchers demonstrated significant and lasting improvement in wrinkle intensity over 36 weeks, with only minor side effects. These fillers add volume and hydration to the skin, offering more enduring rejuvenation compared to wrinkle relaxers, especially for static wrinkles.

Laser, IPL And Radiofrequency

Laser treatments and radiofrequency therapies enhance collagen synthesis within the skin, smoothing its surface and restoring elasticity. While excellent for overall skin tightening, these treatments are most effective when used in conjunction with other therapies to address deeper wrinkles, ensuring comprehensive rejuvenation and improved skin texture.

Microneedling And Ultrasound Therapies

Microneedling and ultrasound therapies stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture, serving as effective complementary treatments. These therapies enhance skin quality and tightness over time, making them valuable additions to a comprehensive skin rejuvenation regimen. They are particularly useful for gradual, long-term improvements in skin appearance.

Achieving The Best Treatment Results

The combination of fillers with other treatments, such as laser therapy or microneedling, is in many cases more effective. This way, combinations of different ingredients can improve skin texture and elasticity as well.

It is vital for a patient to seek advice from experienced cosmetic dermatologists or nurses who can determine the best plan of action for each individual, taking into account their skin type and desired aesthetic outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, fillers are effective for smoothing neck lines, including horizontal and ‘tech neck’ wrinkles. Options include hyaluronic acid skin boosters, bioremodellers or biostimulators.

Filler longevity varies by type – hyaluronic acid lasts 6-12 months, while bioremodellers or biostimulators can last up to 24 months. Regular touch-ups are recommended.

The optimal treatment depends on the wrinkle type and skin condition. Hyaluronic acid iskin boosters are good for superficial lines, while bioremodellers or biostimulators. suit deeper neck wrinkles. Combining treatments, like fillers with wrinkle relaxers often yields the best results.

Common side effects include redness, swelling, and bruising. Serious but rare risks include infection and allergic reactions. Patients should always consult with a healthcare provider before treatment.