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What Are Fat Burning Procedures?

Phosphatidylcholine also known as lecithin or PPC is a normal compound found in our cell membranes.

All of the living tissues of the body are composed of cells. Humans have 100 trillion cells, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, skin cells, muscle cells, nerve cells and fat cells.

If cell membranes are suddenly given an extra dose of PPC, they become too fluid and fragile and break down. So, a dose of PPC into fatty tissue will cause the fat cells to break and open and release their fat.

PPC also facilitates the breaking down of the fat itself. The fat in fat cells is stored as a compound called triacylglycerol. PPC breaks down triacylglycerol. The three free fatty acids and the glycerol then get taken in the bloodstream to the liver where they are converted into bile acids and then eliminated through the alimentary tract.

PPC procedures are safe and considered to be the strongest and most effective fat burner in the market today.

How It Works – PPC Fat-Dissolving Treatment?

The most common request is for abdominal fat treatment but the same principles apply to inner and outer thighs, arms, love handles, and double chin fatty areas.

PPC is given by procedure using a tiny 30-gauge needle. This needle is smaller than blood-test needles and smaller than immunization needles. The injections are tiny however, we eliminate the discomfort by using ice and lidocaine topical numbing cream.

After the procedure, you will notice the treatment area start to swell a little. This is good, it tells you the treatment is working. The associated swelling and inflammation tell you the fat cells are breaking down and the body is working to whisk away the fat to the liver.

The day after the treatment the area will look inflamed like a local allergic reaction, again this tells us the treatment is working. The next day will be more comfortable and the following day you will see all these transient effects disappear. The fat reduction will start in the second and third weeks.

40% of patients notice a real change after two treatments.  After three treatments, around 70% of patients are noticing a real change.

Side Effects?

Aside from the effects mentioned above and the occasional bruise, there are no side effects because PPC is a normal physiological substance found in abundance in the body. Once PPC enters into the bloodstream it rapidly becomes diluted in your 5 litres of blood volume and mixed with your usual PPC floating in the bloodstream.

Long-term Side Effects?

Long-term side effects are difficult to imagine given that the substance is a natural part of our physiology.

The Extent Of Improvement?

Somewhere between 3 and 6 treatments should see you drop a full dress size around the waist. Combine with healthy eating and exercise for optimum results.

Is Fat Dissolving Treatment Permanent?

Yes it is permanent. However, f you overeat and don’t exercise you will gain weight (of course) but your shape will always be better than it would have been had you not had the treatment.

Cost Of Fat Dissolving Procedures?

Our body fat treatment sessions for PPC treatments are $600 each or prepay two $990. You will find this very competitive.