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Vitamin C – The Most Important Anti-Oxidant For Anti-Aging | Hamilton Skin Clinic

Do you know which Antioxidant is the BEST to combat UV damage in your skin?

It’s Vitamin C!


How Vitamin C Works in the Skin:

– Vitamin C is essential for the action of many other vitamins in the skin to occur.

– Vitamin C repairs the redness from too-long exposure to the sun.

– Slows sunburn cell formation whilst in the sun and minimises UV damage in the skin when applied soon after exposure.

– Slows the formation of pigment (brown spots) by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase.

– Stimulates collagen and elastin production – slows wrinkle formation.

– Fights free radicals (damaged cells) and is, therefore, anti-ageing.

– Gives a brightening effect to the skin – removes dullness.

– Decreases cellular inflammation – helps fight photo-ageing (sun damage) and so truly is anti-ageing.


Topical Vitamin C is an essential part of your skin care regime.

At Hamilton Skin Clinic we stock a Doctor Only Active Vitamin C serum that is formulated by our Doctors and made in Australia.

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