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Afraid Of Duck Lips Or Trout Pout?

There are plenty of clients that pass through the clinic doors that I talk to about lip volumisers who are excited to have their lips filled but are hesitant to have the procedure for fear of looking unnatural. And quite rightly so…

“Duck Lips” and the “Trout Pout” have given lip injections a bad name, and many providers out there are doing a good job of scaring off our clients by not respecting the principles of good technique and with respect to understanding lip anatomy. 

Lip volumisers are a beautiful way to improve fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and to give your lips a younger more youthful appearance to enhance the volume in the overall face.  If lips are properly injected, the volumiser can look very natural.

At Hamilton Skin Clinic we specialize in the natural look lips only. With respect, the unnatural look comes from not only using too much volumiser but it being placed incorrectly.  Patients will sometimes bring in photos of celebrities and ask if their lips could look similar, while it is certainly possible to make a change in the size of the lips, I stress it needs to be done well, which means it must be done slowly and built up over a number of sessions and months.

Injecting too much volumiser all at one time will cause the lips to protrude forward, rather than increasing the “show” of the lip (the amount of red that you see), thus resulting in “Duck Lips.”

The “Trout Pout” happens when injectors don’t respect the normal ratios of the lips.  The upper and lower lip ratio should be 1 (upper) to 1.6 (lower). When the upper and lower lips are the same size, it gives an unnatural look to the mouth and the entire lower face.  Also, the lips should taper at the sides.  When the upper (or lower) lip is thick all the way across, it gives a “Trout Pout” or sausage-like look to the lips.

Care must also be given to the philtrum (the area between your nose and your mouth) and the cupid’s bow.  As we age, the philtrum elongates and becomes smoother.  Restoring the philtrum columns helps to turn up the upper lip, increasing the show, but also gives a younger look to the entire lower face.

Hyaluronic acid volumisers are a great option to fill your lips with a natural-looking and feeling volumiser.  Hamilton Skin Clinic only use the best and most reputable lip volumiser brands on the market. You always need to look for an experienced injector and check their credentials.  It is also important to discuss your goals with your injection and make sure he/she has a thorough understanding of the style you like, not what they like personally.  Be sure to ask to see some of their work to get a good idea of the injector’s lip volumiser skill. We would love to welcome you to look at our lip work, we offer complimentary consultations to all of our clients.