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Angelina Jolie Lip Ratio | Hamilton Skin Clinic Lip Fillers Wilston

There’s a couple of other very important rules to bear in mind regarding getting a good lip filler treatment – firstly, volume. 

“Usually people start with 1ml of filler,”

Angelina Jolie’s full lips have become the actress’s signature feature. Image: Getty

We will review your lips two weeks later and occasionally clients will do more, but generally 1ml every 6 months would be the average amount used. If someone is really nervous about it being too obvious, there is the option of starting with 0.5ml instead.

And next up. Ratio.

In terms of ratios, we generally aim for 40% top lip and 60% bottom lip. This can be individualised, but we find that if you make the top lip too large, it can give a ‘ducky’ appearance, which we clearly do not want.

Prices for lip filler will range depending on the brand used, the amount and also the practitioner who does the injecting but generally speaking you’re looking at $400 – $600 or thereabouts.

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