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The Rickets Line In Cosmetic Facial Beauty | Assessing The Ageing Face

The Ricketts E Plane was created by an orthodontist Dr. Ricketts. His goal was to identify correct lower face alignment. This is an area I have a special interest in, primarily because it is where I see the dramatic changes to the overall facial beauty aesthetic.

Using this tool with HA dermal volumiser treatments at Harbour Cosmetic clinic has been life-changing for my patients!

The Ricketts Line is an assessment tool now used in the clinic by to assess ideal proportions of the lower face. It is extremely useful, specifically for the proportion of the lips in relation to the nose and chin in the overall aesthetic of the face.

A straight line is drawn from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin and assessed according to base measurements.

In traditional caucasian beauty, the upper lip needs to sit 4mm behind the line and the lower lip needs to sit 2mm behind the line. There are variations with ethnicities but Ricketts Line serves as a good baseline to keep facial harmony in your overall facial assessment.

It is a practice tool I use for all of my patients at Harbour Cosmetic Clinic Wilston when they come in for their treatments.