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Nefertiti Neck Lift Brisbane

Throughout history, contoured jawline and a beautifully defined neck have been revered as symbols of vitality, femininity, and aesthetic allure. Dating back to the 14th Century BC, Queen Nefertiti’s renowned beauty was characterised by her elegant necklines and striking features. In contemporary times, women often aspire to emulate the refined jawlines of iconic figures like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez. Thanks to cutting-edge developments in cosmetic surgery and laser technology, achieving a sculpted jawline and a gracefully smooth neck no longer necessitates invasive procedures.

Tailored as a non-invasive option, this method employs botulinum toxin injections strategically placed along the lower jawline and neck to address sagging skin and visible neck bands, offering a rejuvenating effect.

Clinical Validity of the Nefertiti Lift

Supported by a 2017 study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, titled “Botulinum Toxin for Neck Rejuvenation: Assessing Efficacy and Redefining Patient Selection,” findings from 30 patients treated, exhibited statistically significant improvements in platysmal bands at rest and under tension. The study concludes that the Nefertiti Lift serves as a safe, standardised, and uncomplicated non-surgical intervention for aging concerns in the neck and lower face.

The Nefertiti Lift Procedure

In a clinical setting, the Nefertiti Lift involves the precise injection of botulinum toxin along the lower jawline and neck. The number of units administered varies, averaging around 125 units to address individual needs.

Results and Reviews

Outcomes from the Nefertiti Lift are positive, with 93.3 percent of investigators and patients reporting improved results in the referenced study. Patient reviews echo this sentiment, commending the procedure for its ability to rejuvenate the neck region without resorting to surgery.

Cost and Considerations

The Nefertiti Lift proves more economically viable than surgical alternatives. It’s crucial to note that while the procedure yields substantial improvements, results are not permanent, necessitating maintenance treatments.

In Conclusion

The Nefertiti Lift represents a significant advancement in non-surgical cosmetic interventions, offering an excellent option for individuals seeking to address signs of aging without surgical intervention. As with any cosmetic procedure, consultation with the qualified medical professional at Hamilton Skin Clinic ensures a tailored approach and determines the appropriateness of the Nefertiti Lift based on individual considerations.

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