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Interview with Cosmetic Nurse Jo Hamilton Skin Clinic

Cosmetic Treatments

In the cosy and distinguished Hamilton Skin Clinic, we chatted to founder and cosmetic nurse, Jo Wilson, about their total face approach.


Hi Jo, tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a former children’s nurse who now focuses on cosmetic and lifestyle with a wellness twist at Hamilton Skin Clinic. All of these elements go into having a life where you look well, live well and feel well. When did you become interested in the beauty industry? I wanted my career to have a meaningful impact on women’s confidence. After a trip to New York and London, I was inspired by the medispa concept because it allows you to have medical treatments not in a hospital, but in a relaxed, luxurious environment. Multiple modalities with one goal – beauty and wellness – is what I had in mind when I arrived back into the country. Looking well and feeling well are synonymous.


What’s the Hamilton Skin Clinic experience?

I treat the face as a whole using the dimensions of the beauty golden ratio. I strive to attain the Angelina Jolie-look – her ratios are close to perfect while still looking natural! I also focus on women and offer a niche personal service in a tucked-away, luxurious environment. I find women like to spend time with a nurse; there are lots of questions I can answer in a private environment and it’s a nice place to be where we can just be women.


What cosmetic treatments do you recommend in winter?

Medical peels and beauty boosters. A double chin fat reduction is also best in winter as you can wear a scarf to hide the swelling for a few days.


What is your best advice for those considering cosmetic treatment?

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t have a cosmetic treatment. Don’t feel guilty; it’s your skin and you can choose to prevent wrinkles and keep your youthful look. When it comes to the clinic, choose a reputable place that puts your safety above all else.