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Double Chin Fat Dissolve Treamtment | Hamilton Skin Clinic

Not crazy about the double chin you inherited from grandma? Welcome to the club, as they say. However, just because a double chin is a common trait doesn’t mean you have to keep it!

Lipodissolve is a non-surgical injectable that will reduce a double chin. Lipodissolve dissolves fat cells in the areas where it is injected, reducing fullness for an improved facial profile. Following treatment, patients experience noticeably less fat under the chin as well as a better-defined jawline that makes the whole face look slimmer and better proportioned.

How do Double Chin Fat Reduction Injections work?

Since a double chin tends to be an inherited trait, diet and exercise are unlikely to significantly affect fat beneath the chin.

The active ingredient in Lipodissolver, deoxycholic acid, is a substance that your body already uses to break down fat in the digestive system. Lipodissolve contains optimal amounts of deoxycholic acid that begin to dissolve fat cells when injected directly into the fat beneath the chin. This process begins immediately after treatment and continues as your body naturally eliminates the unwanted fat cells.

Depending on your needs, we may perform several injections during each treatment. The needle is very thin and most patients find any discomfort to be easily tolerated.

Why choose Hamilton Skin Clinic for your Double Chin Treatments?

The face and neck are sensitive areas with intricate anatomy. It is essential to choose an experienced provider for any cosmetic injectable treatments, such as Lipodissolve. At Hamilton Skin Clinic in Wilston, injections are performed by Cosmetic Nurse Jo.

There are a few options we have to address a double chin. Here are a few reasons we recommend Lipodissolve to many of our patients wishing to improve their profile:

  • Treatments take only about 15 minutes with little or no downtime.
  • Lipodissolve permanently eliminates treated fat cells, meaning fat will not accumulate in that area in the future.
  • Lipodissolve even for very small amounts of chin fat as well as more substantial fat deposits, meaning that you do not have to have a certain amount of fat to be a good candidate for treatment.
  • Results are noticeable after the first treatment, with final results noticeable a few months after treatment.
  • Lipodissolve can eliminate the need for chin liposuction surgery.

Am I a good candidate for Lipodissolve?

If you are in good general health and are bothered by excess fat beneath the chin, chances are you can benefit from Lipodissolve. Since Lipodissolve is primarily a fat reduction treatment and will not address significant skin laxity, the best candidates have reasonably good skin elasticity. If are concerned about loose or sagging skin on your neck or jowls, please contaxt us for possible combination treatments.

What possible side effects should I know about?

The most common side effects with Lipodissolve are temporary, mild to moderate swelling, redness and sensitivity at the injection site. Some patients experience a hard or lumpy texture for up to 14 days after treatment; these effects typically dissipate over a week or two following treatment.

How can I learn more about Lipodissolve?

If you are ready to make your double chin a thing of the past, we encourage you to come in for a consultation with Cosmetic Nurse Jo.