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Crow’s Feet Treatments | Erase Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

Relax. Refresh. Awaken.

Your eyes may very well be the window to your soul, but the skin around them pays a heavy price for all that smiling and squinting over time. Our Crow’s Feet Treatments, made from Botulinum Toxin, relax the muscles that cause the lines we call ‘crow’s feet’ giving you a more relaxed, smooth appearance, without affecting other aspects of facial expression.

A presence of crow’s feet around your eyes is natural and gives you the ability to smile, laugh and express yourself. We believe that wrinkle reduction procedures should moderate the severity or intensity of your crow’s feet but never make your face look frozen or weird. That’s why our Registered Nurse and Specialist, Cosmetic Nurse Jo, only ever uses the appropriate amount of wrinkle reduction procedures right for your needs to achieve natural and refreshed results every time.

Why Do Crow’s Feet Appear Around Your Eyes?

Crow’s Feet are the fine to deeper lines that spread from the outer corners of your eyes when you smile, commonly referred to as one of the most annoying signs of aging around the eyes. As you smile, the orbicularis oculi muscles contract around your eye socket, pulling your eye skin inward.

The fine lines and deep wrinkled crow’s feet form because of this repetitive movement, which results in the skin creasing and the collagen and elastic fibers breaking down. Because the skin around your eyes is delicate and thin, this can be the first area of your face to show signs of aging.

Thankfully crow’s feet wrinkles are easy to treat with cosmetic medicine. Here are the stats on our crow’s feet anti wrinkle treatment.


Treatment Stats

Treatment Time: 15 Mins to 45 Mins   (depending on Number of Areas Being Treated)

Recovery Time: Zero to Little Recovery Time

Results Last: 3 – 4 Months (depending on Metabolism & Area Being Treated)

Cost: $3.95 per unit, $250 for both sides