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Botox vs. Dysport: Achieving Optimal Aesthetic Outcomes at Hamilton Skin Clinic

At Hamilton Skin Clinic, we’re pioneers in evidence-based aesthetic medicine, dedicated to helping you refine your facial features through targeted neuromodulation treatments. We offer a range of TGA -approved botulinum toxin injections, including Botox and Dysport to address dynamic wrinkles and achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

While both Botox and Dysport share the same core functionality—spontaneously relaxing targeted facial muscles to smooth moderate to severe wrinkles—subtle differences may influence your treatment choice.

Rapid Onset for Timely Events: Dysport often takes center stage at Hamilton Skin Clinic due to its faster onset of action compared to Botox. While Botox typically requires 3-5 days to reach peak efficacy, Dysport delivers visible results within 2-3 days, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking a quicker solution for specific events.

Precision Micro-injections for Natural Results: Our board-certified aesthetic nurses are adept at both Botox and Dysport administration. However, Dysport’s unique diffusion pattern, with smaller, more dispersed particles, enables precise micro-injection techniques. This translates to natural-looking wrinkle reduction with minimal downtime, a hallmark of our clinical expertise.

Personalised Treatment Plans for Individualised Needs: At Hamilton Skin Clinic, we understand that every face is unique. That’s why we prioritise thorough consultations with our expert team. Through a comprehensive facial analysis and discussion of your desired outcomes, we’ll determine the optimal treatment protocol, including the choice between Botox or Dysport, injection sites, and precise doses. This ensures your aesthetic goals are meticulously addressed with a personalised approach.

Ready to elevate your facial features and redefine your aesthetic with optimal precision? Schedule your consultation at Hamilton Skin Clinic today. Our experienced team will guide you on your journey towards achieving your desired aesthetic outcome with evidence-based neuromodulation techniques.

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