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Alcohol and Wrinkles

When metabolized, alcohol produces free radicals, which are chemicals in the skin that injure our precious collagen. These collagen fibers keep our skin firm and structured. Think of alcohol’s free radicals ingest collagen, poking little holes in those fibers. And when you lose collagen the consequences are fine lines, wrinkles and laxity. In fact, like sun exposure, alcohol breaks down collagen.

The FixAntioxidant creams and serums applied to the skin. Use them daily for best results, but definitely at bedtime if you drank alcohol. Antioxidants are the cure to free radicals. They effectively cut those damaging results produced by alcohol to save collagen and prevent wrinkles, fine lines and laxity. Vitamin C serum is a source of very powerful antioxidant you should incorporate into your skin routine. Ounce for ounce it’s simply the nuke of antioxidants. If you’re planning to drink, apply it in the morning to protect and at night to treat.

And it’s a good idea to also take supplements like omegafattyacids (fish oils) as well as lycopene and glutathione. At dinner, with your drink, order green vegetables or berries for dessert, as they are loaded with antioxidants. And instead of that venti iced coffee order a green tea!

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Active serum is available in clinic at Hamilton Skin Clinic, Hamilton

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